Jewish Prayerformances

Shabbat Services

The HipHopShabbat “prayerformance” deepens the connection of children, teens and parents with the celebration of Shabbat through the unique combination of traditional liturgy and contemporary music. The “prayerformance” is a traditional Shabbat service, in that it follows the traditional order, content and melodies of the Shabbat songs, prayers and blessings. The service includes accompanying hip-hop beats and lyrics. The hip-hop lyrics are based on the spirit and central themes of the traditional service. You can download the sample hip-hop siddur for the Friday night HipHopShabbat by clicking here.

Non-Shabbat Services

HipHopShabbat also performs a regular weekday service with songs such as Adon Olam, Oseh Shalom, and Modeh Ani. This means that we can perform for Conservative and Orthodox communities. We also can incorporate Israeli dancing into our “prayerformance” with songs such as Nigun Atik, Mayim, and Hava Nagila which is great for weddings, bar-mitzvahs, or other festive occasions.


If you are interested in bringing this inspirational workshop to your area,
please contact:

Jonathan Gutstadt
Booking Manager