Modern Hebrew Prayer Music

"'The psalmist wrote, 'Shiru L’Adonai shir chadash – Sing unto God a new song.'  
Hip Hop Shabbat does just that."
-Rabbi Karen Citrin, Temple Beth-El, San Mateo, CA

backbeat-2HipHopShabbat is an educational and spiritual project which combines Jewish prayer and hip-hop. Yo-natan, the creator of the project, offers two unique programs for Jewish communities.

Yo-Natan's "HipHopShabbat" is a great way for the whole family to celebrate Shabbat together. This hour-long service is an entire Shabbat service, set to the beat of electronic hip-hop and reggae music. Audiences are intellectually and spiritually inspired by the hip-hop lyrics, which are contained in the supplemental "HipHopShabbat Siddur," and provide the means for an inclusive "prayerformance." Read More...

Yo-Natan's "HipHop Workshops" are great for Jewish Schools, Youth Groups, Summer Camps and Hillels. During this 2-hour workshop, Yo-natan shows participants how to turn a Jewish prayer or theme into an inspirational hip-hop song. Read More...

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